Our Innovation

Premier Plus Company Limited gives great importance to the development of the innovation and technology involved in the production of our products in order to the meet the requirements of our customers. We constantly introduce new technologies to improve the manufacturing and quality of our packaging.

In addition, we monitor, measure, and analyze the efficiency of the various processes through a quality management system and an experienced team of staff. The company also implements the use of advanced technology and machinery that are of international standards in production line from the first process until the last step—to deliver only the best to our customers.


We manufacture tubes with standardized machines that could accommodate the production of tubes ranging from tube diameter 16 to 49 millimeters and content 3 to 250 milliliters.


We offer a variety of tube necks for every function, such as screw, nozzle, snap and lip.


We provide printing options that could be customized according to customer’s requirements, which includes offset, silkscreen, and hot stamping.


We offer capping machines that control the movement of the torque so that they operate according to standards and efficiently prevent leakage of liquid products.

Quality Control

We implement quality control procedures since the incoming to outgoing process all of which are carried out by qualified staff from the quality assurance and quality control departments. Additionally, we use quality control machines that have been approved for excellent product quality control purposes.


Our packing department always checks if our products are at 100 percent conditions before packing and delivering them to our customers.